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25Jul 2018
led lgihting

Firstly, let’s summarize some of the concepts on Led lighting: First, Luminous flux (unit: lm), refers to the human eye can feel the radiant power. Second, Degree standard value (unit: lm/m2), normal family according to demand reference value 100 ~ 300 lm/m2. Third, Watts (unit: w), power. Forth, Luminous efficiency (unit: lm/w), the efficiency of electrical energy into light energy, […]

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13Jul 2018
led lighting

How is  Led lighting effect in World cup? The 2018 World Cup has already opened with much expectation. The host country of this World Cup is Russia. Think about what other highlights are worth our attention in addition to exciting events. Only pay attention to the game itself? Now we share some stadium’s unique night scene […]

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06Jul 2018
led sport lighting

How do you think about the led sports lighting in World Cup? As we all known, the  2018 World Cup  is held in Moscow,Russia.  It enjoys great popularity around the world. And the Chinese team is very sorry to have failed to  attend in this World Cup. But there must have led lighting for World […]

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22Jun 2018
led lamp

The “eye protection” led lamp on the market is really as advertised? Can it “eye protection”? Is quality good? On the eve of Children’s Day, the Hangzhou Municipal Consumer Protection Committee did evaluations on the reading and writing led lamps on the market.   On 30th,May, the Hangzhou government publicized the test results to the public.   “The led lamps selected for […]

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05Jun 2018
led light

1,the brightness of the led light When purchasing LED lighting, many consumers mistakenly believe that the higher the brightness, the better the led bulbs. In fact, this is a big shopping mistake. The bright lights are like the glare of the sun at noon. It is not easy to  damage eyesight, but also affect the physical and […]

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15May 2018
led bulb

According to reports, a producer of tomatoes for markets in the UK said that they had “amazing” results from LED bulb. The company, called Flavourfresh, produces nearly three million kilograms of tomatoes each year for markets. Using led bulb in the Southport greenhouse was good to ensure production during the winter two years ago. Andy, […]

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14Apr 2018

Led flood light make the city beautiful. Zhuhai debuted as one of the national branch venues for the Spring Festival Gala. Zhuhai Business Cards such as the China Air Show and the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge came on stage one after another. The night of Zhuhai was dazzling and bright under the led flood light. The […]

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05Jan 2018

Why should you be switching to LED lighting for you? The main benefit of LED Lights use is their energy saving abilities. This is to do with the way they emit light and heat which means that LED lights reduce energy waste. Other benefits of switching to LED include: •Emit more light – great for […]

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