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20Jul 2018

In the winter, the pitaya fruit lacks sufficient light. So it causes limited production. With the plant’s absorption of red and blue light and light control of the flowering period of the plant, the led plant growing lamp can make up for the lack of light in the winter. And it can prolong the flowering period. Taiwan’s Agriculture Bureau […]

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29Jun 2018

Lamps are important for our modern life. And fluorescent lamps are widely used in various environments. And the full spectrum is as following. 1, UV-A content,  it has an impact on health; 2, UV-B content is small. And you can not consider; 3, high content of blue light components, It may cause retinal damage; 4, […]

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21Apr 2018

There were many campfire for dance parties in ancient times. And now we have very few campfire because  there is little fuel resource in our modern life. But people still have the desire to have this atmosphere. What alternatives are there?  That is led flame lamp. In addition to the led lamp effects, it also […]

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02Oct 2017

This Creative LED Lamp looks like a cup of milk, the light source is designed on the bottom of the cup, it can be turned off conveniently by hand. A magical bench in the park which can display different color of LED light with climate change. Amazing LED faucet lamp show you the water is […]

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27Aug 2017

Outdoor LED lighting and public LED lighting are widely applied in the present market, and the home LED lighting and commercial LED lighting are also permeated slowly, but the office LED lighting is later. The current office LED products are mainly applied LED panel light, LED fluorescent tube, LED line lights and Lifting LED bar […]

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19May 2017

Creative LED Blubs socket is designed by Ukraine beauty designer Julia Kononenko, she found lots of the LED bulbs in the public places like cafes were hung very low. To install socket on the LED bulbs can solve the problems of charging mobile phone or tablet in the cafes , do not need to take […]

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24Mar 2017

Once OLED technology is mainly used in the flat display field, but with the constant improvement of the OLED technology, it has been trying to application in the field of lighting(LED lighting). Many OLED products, including OLED plate lamp(LED lamps), LED droplight, OLED lamps and so on were exhibited on the Light+Building exhibition. whether it […]

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21Jan 2017

LED bulb is adopted spherical shell, LED chip light sources. Which have all the advantages of LED lamps such as energy saving, environmental, long service life and no flicker. Incandescent lamp is prohibited gradually by the national governments in the tense global resource environment of political and economic, with the replacement of energy saving lamps. […]

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04Sep 2016

LED Downlight is a new developed lighting item that improved on the basis of traditional Downlight by applying new type LED lighting source. LED Downlight have the advantages of energy saving, low carbon, longevity, good color rendering and fast response when compared with traditional downlight. (LED Lighting Items) With the advantages of lightness and perfect […]

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