In the place where dragon fruit is grown, it is often seen at night. The rows of lights illuminate the dragon fruit orchard, which are particularly bright. To people who are not familiar with it, this is the night light. In fact, the LED grow lights at night are not just lighting lights, but plant lights that can fill pitaya.

This kind of lamp is specially designed to supplement light for plants. It uses light instead of sunlight to supplement light for plants so that they can carry out photosynthesis. The supplementary light for dragon fruit is called dragon fruit supplementary light.

Pitaya is a tropical fruit, it is a kind of light-loving plant. It has high requirements for light. If the light is not enough, it will affect the flowering and fruit. And the longer the light, the better the growth.So many people will choose to fill the light for pitaya at night.The led grow light  provides the pitaya supplementary light, prolongs its light time, satisfies the requirements of photosynthesis, and generates the energy needed for its own growth. In addition,pitaya flowers only bloom at night, and the time is very short, so planters should take advantage of the time to pollinate pitaya at night.


A pitaya planting base in Guangdong Province. After installing the LED grow lights, the output of pitaya in the base can reach 5000-7000 kg per mu per year, which is about 3000 kg per mu higher than that of conventional planting. Due to the use of anti seasonal night lighting planting technology, the fire dragon fruit in the base was listed in March this year. And the period from March to may coincided with the blank period for the listing of products in other domestic production areas, so it will sell at a good price, “money view” is very good.

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