LED track light is a kind of spotlight that adopts rail type and LED light. It is specially used in primary clothing stores, shopping malls, and local jewelry stores. It is named after its light-emitting principle is LED. Because LED is very energy-saving, it is now widely used. Used to replace metal halide spotlights.

The advantages of track lights are as follows:

1. Save electricity, which can save more than 70% of ordinary energy;

2. Less heat and less damage to the irradiated object;


Accurate light distribution, good spot
The excellent COB light source is equipped with a TIR reverse osmosis light control technology lens, which effectively solves the problem of ghosting and unsatisfactory light spot effects. The light spot is more concentrated and the beam angle is more accurate.
Precise light distribution, natural and comfortable halo, the illuminating intensity gradually blurs outwards, the peripheral light diffuses naturally, and the illumination is clear without shadows and spots.

Good heat dissipation design and long life
Reasonable heat dissipation design is crucial to the life of LED lamps. The LED track light uses a die-cast aluminum radiator, and its good thermal conductivity can effectively dissipate the heat. In addition, the convection heat dissipation method is designed to accelerate the heat dissipation of the lamp and effectively ensure the life of the lamp.

The cold air enters from the gap between the pressure ring and the lens under the lamp, and forms convection with the multiple exhaust holes above the lamp, taking away the heat from the LED light source of the lamp, ensuring that the LED light source works at a critical temperature.

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