tatalux-lighting-tracking-lightThe track lights  must be installed on the matching track . The inside of the track contains voltage input. And  both side of the track contain  conductive metal.The connector of  the track light has a rotatable conductivecopper sheet . When the conductive copper sheet contacts the conductive metal strip inside the track, the track light can be energized. And the track light can be turned on.

Track lights are generally used  as a specific spotlight.Most genera commercial ,such as shopping malls (clothing stores,furniture stores and other brand  stores). Car displays,jewelry, star hotels , brand clothing, high and clubs ,museums,chain stores , brand business halls ,professional windows, counter and other key lighting places.

The advantages of track lights are:

1.Easy to match.Most track lights have a cover, the tube cover is generally more popular. And the bracket of the track light is mostly made of  metal and rotary wood.

2.Fashion and  simplicity .The cover of  the  track light requires simple, elegant and decorative. Cylindrical covers are more popular, and lantern-shaped and lantern-shaped ones are also more commomly used .

3.Local lighting. Track light is often used as local lighting, not comprehensive, but emphasizes the convenience of movement , which is very  practical for creating a corner atmosphere.

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