LED grow lamp is a special kind of lamp, according to the law of plant growth, it must need sunlight, and plant growth lamp is a kind of lamp that uses the principle of sunlight to replace sunlight for the growth and development of plants.

The wavelength of the plant lamp is very suitable for the growth, flowering, and fruiting of plants. (Generally, indoor plants and flowers will grow worse and worse with time. The main reason is the lack of light irradiation. The LED lamps suitable for the required spectrum of plants are irradiated, not only it can promote its growth, and can also extend the flowering period and improve the quality of the flowers; and the application of this high-efficiency light source system to agricultural production such as greenhouses, greenhouses, and other facilities can solve the problem of insufficient sunlight that causes the taste of strawberries, dragon fruits, and other fruits to decline, on the other hand, it can also make winter greenhouse vegetables go on the market before or after the Spring Festival, so as to achieve the purpose of off-season cultivation.

1. As a supplementary light, the light can be enhanced at any time of the day, which can extend the effective lighting time.

2. Whether it is at dusk or at night, it can effectively extend and scientifically control the light required by plants.

3. In a greenhouse or plant laboratory, it can completely replace natural light and promote plant growth.

Pitaya is a tropical fruit and requires high light. If there is insufficient light, it will affect the flowering and fruiting. The longer the light, the better the growth. Therefore, many people choose to add light to the dragon fruit at night. The lamp fills the dragon fruit with light, prolongs its light time, satisfies the effect of photosynthesis, and produces the energy needed for its own growth.


LED GROW LAMP SERIES -Tatalux lighting
Item No. Power Volt Lamp Size
TALASA1 45W 85-265V 252*252*295mm
TALARB1 25W 85-265V 310*119*295mm
TALBCC1 18W 85-265V 155*105MM
TALZP2-9 9W 85-265V 60*108mm


The lamp can apply for Pitaya, strawberry, chrysanthemum, etc.
Designed to stimulate plant by emitting light.
Outdoor farms, the bulbs are used as a complement to limited sunshine and nights.
Indoor plants are grown completely under LED grow lights from seed to harvest.

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