Tatalux Water Proof   LED Solar Floodlight for Outdoor Garden Stairs Patio

Illuminate your outdoor space with Tatalux Solar-Powered Flood Light. It is convenient and easy to use and makes an ideal choice of continuous lighting of flags, signs, landscaping, walkways, driveways, decks or any large outdoor area.


  • Waterproof level:IP 65
  • Work Modes: Light &time & Remote Control
  • Material: ABS engineering plastic & Explosion-proof tempered glass
  • This solar floodlight with high quality solar panels, high photoelectric conversion, fast charging, full charging for about 8 hours.    IP65 protective grade, suitable for any extreme weather conditions.
  • With remote control and timing function, easy to operate and adjust the light intensity. The solar energy panel adopts ABS material, not easy to aging and provides a long service life. Powered by solar energy, no electricity cost, eco-friendly and energy-saving. Easy installation and high efficiency.
  • Suitable for front door, backyard, garage, driveway, terrace, porch, garden, landscape, fence street, steps, etc.
  • LED solar light absorbs and converts sunlight into electricity,efficient solar panel has good heatproof and IP65 Waterproof function and can continue to work during the cold winter months, lighting up your life in any weather and any season.

TATALUX NEW MODEL -LED Solar Floodlight TALFS12 Series, our hot sale item, for any question, please contact us timely, info@tatalux.com

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