Recently, more and more north koreans to snap up China manufacturing LED bulb light. Although LED ball steep light is expensive, but compared with the traditional incandescent lamp, LED lights high efficiency, energy saving effect is remarkable, that for countries that have a grave shortage of electricity is undoubtedly the best choice. So, generally north koreans are willing to choose high prices but can realize the normal under low voltage lighting LED bulb light.

In November 2013, RFA get inside north Korea, north Korea’s power is very scarce, even unable to meet 70% of the users need electricity, which forces people to find more energy efficient alternative energy sources. North koreans a declined to be named said: “recently, for the LED ball steep light a sharp increase in the number of north koreans inland merchants also compete to buy from China’s border city LED bulb light.”

In February 2014, a report from north Korea’s official, said the country around the foot flat lighting electric appliance factory is the production of LED lighting products. More and more families begin using LED lighting and public lighting lamps and lanterns, the hotel also has installed the LED lamps and lanterns and building. But the report did not talk about the current production schedule will be able to fully satisfy people’s demand for new type of lighting products, because of this, north koreans to snap up China’s manufacturing LED ball steep light boom never fade.

A source told RFA, the prevalence rate of LED lights in north Korea, surging because north Korea power shortage, cannot provide the normal work of the average household appliances need 220 v voltage, but the LED lamp, can under the condition of low voltage normal lighting. In the summer peak season, the Korean households voltage of 170 v, only lower in the winter to 100 v. Incandescent lamp under lower than 220 v voltage is difficult to provide normal lighting needs, and the LED lamp is different, even if the voltage is lower than 70 v, it can still normal lighting. So, although the price of LED lights above the incandescent lamp, twice as many north koreans still willing to buy LED lights.

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