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05Jun 2018
led light

1,the brightness of the led light When purchasing LED lighting, many consumers mistakenly believe that the higher the brightness, the better the led bulbs. In fact, this is a big shopping mistake. The bright lights are like the glare of the sun at noon. It is not easy to  damage eyesight, but also affect the physical and […]

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15May 2018
led bulb

According to reports, a producer of tomatoes for markets in the UK said that they had “amazing” results from LED bulb. The company, called Flavourfresh, produces nearly three million kilograms of tomatoes each year for markets. Using led bulb in the Southport greenhouse was good to ensure production during the winter two years ago. Andy, […]

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21Apr 2018

There were many campfire for dance parties in ancient times. And now we have very few campfire because  there is little fuel resource in our modern life. But people still have the desire to have this atmosphere. What alternatives are there?  That is led flame lamp. In addition to the led lamp effects, it also […]

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14Apr 2018

Led flood light make the city beautiful. Zhuhai debuted as one of the national branch venues for the Spring Festival Gala. Zhuhai Business Cards such as the China Air Show and the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge came on stage one after another. The night of Zhuhai was dazzling and bright under the led flood light. The […]

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