led 灯管

LED inside research assistant manager Wu Yingjie said, ball steep light market in 2015 will go into the head evergrande situation.For lighting brands, the ball bubble lamp products to increase B2C that consumer brand impression, raise B2B professional lighting market segments;The small factory without advantages and niche market sales channel, will become a generation of labor or withdraw from the market.
Based on LED inside forecast twenty big LED lighting sales rankings in 2014, the top five lighting manufacturer for philips, panasonic, Toshiba, GE and osram.Products and actively promote CREE bulbs and lamps and lanterns, forecast ranked sixth.Wu Yingjie further key trend analysis of 2013-2015 global lighting market, whether traditional or emerging LED lighting manufacturers, will significantly improve the permeability of LED lighting products,And brands revenue is growing year by year, but still need to consider profit, so 2014 profit oriented visible to many manufacturers, in the hope to create professional LED lighting products, lighting market and improve the product profit.

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