LED smart sensor light is a new type of intelligent lighting product that automatically controls the light source to be lit through the induction module.

1. The application of LED light source in induction lamp products has promoted the advantages (long switch life, high light

efficiency, small size, easy to control), avoiding the shortcomings (the lack of continuous high temperature causes light decay,
and the color rendering is often low. Becomes a problem).
2, the benefits generated by power saving can quickly recover early high investment, super long life saving a lot of labor costs.

3. The automatic switch brings great convenience to people’s lives. The lights of people (cars) come on,

and the lights of people (cars) go out. It is especially suitable for underground garages, stair walkways,
automated factories, warehouses, elevator entrances, entrances, balconies and other areas that need to automatically turn on
 and off the lighting.
LED sensor light is such a specific functional product. As an intermittent lighting source that switches frequently, under normal circumstances, it can extend the life span by at least 5 times and save electricity by more than 90%. In some all-weather public lighting occasions such as underground parking lots, the investment can be recovered in half a year only from the perspective of energy saving. It also eliminates the labor cost of frequently replacing the lamp tube (the continuous working life of the fluorescent lamp tube is about 5000 hours, and the damage rate is extremely high when used as a frequent switch, and the same is true for incandescent lamps).

Power: 10W/12W
Voltage: 120V/230V
Color Temp: 3000-6500k
Material : PC+PPA
TALZR3-10  Radar Motion Sensor:
1)Radar motion detection for light on / off
2)Detection range: 4-6m Delay time:30s
3)Detection angle: About 360°
4)High brightness and low consumption/Suitable for corridor, pathway, stair, garden, yard, etc
TALZR4-12 PIR Motion Sensor
1)Auto PIR motion detection for light on/off
2)Durable and energy-saving High sensitivity, high light and low consumption
3)Detection angle: About 120°
4)Detection range: 5-8m Delay time:30s/Suitable for corridor, pathway, stair, garden, yard, etc
TALZR5-10 Light Sensor
1)Built-in Light sensor for light on/off
2)Automatically turn on at dusk(<15LUX)
3)Automatically turn off at dawn(>40LUX)
4)suitable for use in the hallway, garage, washrooms, basement, garden, pavement, workroom, laundry room
Advantages: 1) LED Smart Sensor Light  high efficiency and energy saving
                     2)LED Smart Sensor Light Green Environmental Protection
                     3)LED Smart Sensor Light has a long life
                    4)LED smart sensor lights are widely used
For more details , pls enter the link http://tatalux.com/product-detail/led-radar-motion-sensor-bulb-series-talzr3/, for any question , pls feel free to contact us.  info@tatalux.com

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