Plants grow to have five elements: water, fertilizer, light, gas, and heat. Among them, water, fertilizer, gas, and heat can be controlled. Only “light” can not be controlled.

LED  plant growth lamps can provide appropriate light and promote growth, which can generally make crops 10-15 days ahead of schedule.

Led Plant growth lamps can provide sufficient light to promote plant dry matter accumulation, thereby increasing yield. As a supplementary light, light can be enhanced at any time of the day to always help plants’ photosynthesis. Especially in the winter, the effective lighting time can be extended.

Using LED plant growth lamps can improve the quality and taste.

In actual lighting cases, if the illumination of lighting lamps is high and the irradiation cycle and time are too long, pitaya branches are prone to albinism, which will affect the photosynthesis rate of Pitaya in the nonlighting period to a certain extent. What spectrum is suitable for pitaya lighting? The light suitable for pitaya is generally divided into blue light and red light.

Proper lighting can achieve the following purposes:

① Light supplement in spring: promote the early differentiation of flower buds, increase the number of flowers in the first two batches, improve the fruit setting rate, and achieve the purpose of early flowering and premature fruit delivery.

② Light supplement in rainy season: improve the speed of fruit weight gain and shorten the growth cycle.

③ Autumn lighting: improve the growth rate and shorten the reproductive growth cycle.

④ Lighting in winter: delay the opening of two more batches of flowers to speed up the growth rate and increase the yield.



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