In the winter, the pitaya fruit lacks sufficient light. So it causes limited production. With the plant’s absorption of red and blue light and light control of the flowering period of the plant, the led plant growing lamp can make up for the lack of light in the winter. And it can prolong the flowering period.


Taiwan’s Agriculture Bureau of Tainan City is the first to promote led pitaya lamp. It allows farmers to respond to energy saving. And it also can use this to regulate the pitaya fruit production.

Xie Shu, head of a Pin Li farm, said that the led pitaya lamp replaced all traditional energy-saving light bulb about 4 years ago. Besides, it saved about 50% of electricity cost per year. He said that 1 hectare required 2,500 light bulbs with traditional energy-saving light bulbs. And it nearly costs 50,000 yuan. While it only costs 20,000 yuan with led pitaya lamp.

Led pitaya lamps are more environmentally friendly. He said that this type of LED bulb is actually an outdoor plant growth florescent lamp. Through the lampshade, it can increase the degree of flowering. And it can also prolong the maturation time of crops and avoid the wind disaster.


The Bureau of Agriculture pointed out that the planting area of dragon fruit in Tainan was from 321 hectares in 2015 to 356 hectares in 2017.  He tried to promote the replacement of lights and invited farmers to save energy and reduce carbon from planting equipment.  Although it is more expensive than traditional bulbs, it can help farmers save a lot of electricity bills in the long run. It also can use led lighting to achieve flowering effect to adjust the production period and stabilize production.

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