The LED lighting industry in Russia is becoming more mature as the country seeks to develop a vertically-integrated manufacturing infrastructure.
Although in recent years the Russian LED market has been characterized by a lack of standardization, a lack of a transparent pricing policy, and low product quality, this situation is changing rapidly. State funding and investment from private companies is helping to build a domestic LED infrastructure and, all over Russia, companies dedicated to LED lighting technologies are emerging.
The Russian state is playing a major role in the development of the domestic Russian LED market. In March 2010 the Presidential Commission for Modernisation announced that the transition from incandescent bulbs to energy-efficient lighting devices will not take place by implementing energy-efficient saving lamps (CFLs), but by converting to LEDs directly. The State has also decided to introduce, at short notice, new standards for LED lighting technologies.
There is a strong political willingness to establish LED lighting technologies within the Russian market, and capital investors are helping to establish a domestic Russian LED production capability. Russia’s biggest companies, such as Russian Railways Corporation and Gazprom, are among the largest consumers of LED technology.

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