According to reports, a producer of tomatoes for markets in the UK said that they had “amazing” results from LED bulb.led bulb

The company, called Flavourfresh, produces nearly three million kilograms of tomatoes each year for markets. Using led bulb in the Southport greenhouse was good to ensure production during the winter two years ago.

Andy, production manager, said the results were “surprising.”

Andy said, “Technical specifications were great from plant growth to fruit quality and flavor in the first year.” He said that it was difficult to get past in the cold winter. However, with the tomato led light,  the result can totally fit with our expectations  .”

Andy said that there is no difference between the quality of tomatoes growing under led bulbs in the winter  and  the quality of summer grown.

led bulb

With low energy consumption and tunable spectrum, led bulb optimized for plant growth.  And now led bulbs are increasingly replacing high pressure sodium bulbs.

Led bulbs emit little heat while high-pressure sodium bulbs emit a lot of heat. This will only waste energy in many applications. But the heat is useful in the greenhouse. Led bulb are installed in a  low-ceiling greenhouse. However, if using a high-pressure sodium bulb, it will be very close to the plant. Therefore, it is easy to cause damage to plants.  While the ceiling of the new greenhouse is two meters high. So there is enough space between the plants and the led lamps.

Led bulb means lower energy costs and higher yields in the long run. But Andy still thinks that led bulbs  become better. “Growers will understand and make changes. Led bulb will become standard in 10 years.”

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