Fill light from the earliest traditional energy-saving lamp fill light to the more energy-saving and efficient LED light . For LED fill light,there are some important points ,we would like to share with you.

1)The switching time of the supplement light is not the same every year, it should be decided according to the solar terms of the year and the varieties planted. And light supplementation is not only carried out in winter, spring, summer can also supplement light, each base can adjust according to their own order situation and market conditions, to achieve purposeful light supplementation, in order to maximize the benefits.

2)Light supplementation in spring and winter, reasonable adjustment of the fruit combing batches in a year. And reasonable use of fertilizer can greatly improve the efficiency of light supplementation. In areas with low winter temperatures. It is best to use antifreeze film to prevent The flower buds were frost-damaged by bad weather.

3)The position of the hanging lights is very important. Different lights, different heights, and different positions all affect the effect of supplementary light. However, no matter which kind of lights are hanging, the illuminance that can be received at the ends of the branches must reach 150lux or more. The light lines should be straightened, and it is best to keep each row of lights at the same height, and make full use of the light that can be radiated between adjacent rows, so that there is no dark area in the park.

4)To achieve real high yields, light supplementation requires a combination of new and old branches. It is easier for new branches to shoot buds. Old branches more than two years old are strong and store enough nutrients. If supplementary light can be achieved in each batch on the old branches Only if more than 30% of the buds bloom,the output can be greatly increased.


5)Dragon fruit supplementing light is only a means to increase production. As long as there is a strong enough light effect and a reasonable spectrum, the increase can be achieved. But the benefits of increasing production must be combined with planting management methods and reasonable lighting and hanging technology.

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