You can choose the LED panel light according to different color temperature. Color temperature is divided into warm color and white color. If you are choosing led panel lights for your bedroom and living area, it is recommended that you choose a warm color led panel light. This kind of tonal lamplight is similar with skin color, let you feel very warm and very comfortable.

White color led panel lights are best used in kitchens and basements where bright light is needed to find and work. In addition that toilet  is very interesting that  you can choose the color temperature according to oneself individual character and furniture decorate the tonal .Warm color will  let you be more relaxed in toilet.The white color gives you “efficiency feeling”, so you can choose which you like.

The bedroom is the place where we stay the longest in addition to our work. And also the harbor where we fell relax.


Bedroom panel lamp selection method
1)For a bedroom of 15-20 square meters, 24W led panel light should be selected.
2)For bedrooms of 12-15 square meters, 20W led bedroom panel lamp can be selected.
3)Under 12 square small bedroom, with 15W led bedroom panel lamp

In addition to led panel light color temperature can also be considered. Some friends like bright,because they want to study and work in the bedroom. The white light can reduce the fatigue of the eye, protect eyesight. Some other friends prefer to decorate the bedroom warm, romantic. So warm light led panel lamp is the first choice for them.

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