Lamps are important for our modern life. And fluorescent lamps are widely used in various environments. And the full spectrum is as following.


1, UV-A content,  it has an impact on health;

2, UV-B content is small. And you can not consider;

3, high content of blue light components, It may cause retinal damage;

4, the near infrared content is small. You can not consider the impact of near infrared.

The fluorescent lamp’s  principle is that the ultraviolet rays in the lamp tube excite the fluorescent powder  to generate white light. Although this meter has ultraviolet radiation, the high-quality fluorescent lamp has a relatively small ultraviolet leakage.

However, the use of fluorescent lamps for a long time will cause some damage to the skin. And the color of the skin will turn red.  Besides, the moisture content of the skin will decrease.  For example, working under the fluorescent lamp is equal to  the effect of  standing in the sun for one hour.


However,  it is inevitable that white light must contain blue light, especially LED white light. It is need to control the medium and high color temperature. Besides, the influence of blue light in white light on human eyes is not only present in fluorescent lamps, but also in the backlight of TVs, monitors, computers, and mobile phones.  So direct viewing of these screens by the human eye can adversely affect the retina of the human eye.

With the rapid development of LED technology, the cost advantages of LED light sources are near fluorescent lamps. What’s more, with the improvement of performance and reduced cost, LED lighting will gradually replace incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp and other traditional lighting. Tatalux can offer you the all range of led lightings. Welcome  to inquiry us on any led lightings.

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