1,the brightness of the led light

When purchasing LED lighting, many consumers mistakenly believe that the higher the brightness, the better the led bulbs. In fact, this is a big shopping mistake. The bright lights are like the glare of the sun at noon. It is not easy to  damage eyesight, but also affect the physical and mental health. Therefore, when selecting led lighting, it is necessary to select led lighting that are bright but not dazzling.

led light

led light

2, the RA indictor of the led light

Look at the color rendering index is to see the true color of the object under the light. The high degree of authenticity of objects is better. We can put the colored objects on the hands under the light bulb to do experiments. Generally, the color rendering index of lamps is better than 80.

3, the dissipation of the led light

The lamp must have good heat dissipation because the lamp will generate heat during lighting. The best heat dissipation material for the bulb is ceramic, followed by plastic aluminum, and plastic again. When purchasing, it is better to choose the bulb of ceramic material, and the effective contact area between the fitting surface of the light source PCB and the heat sink is close, which is conducive to the conduction of hot gas.

4.the material of the led light cover

At present, led lighting in the market are generally based on PC and glass materials, among which the glass has the highest light transmittance, better light transmission performance, and better light uniformity, which can reduce the glare and spot, but it has disadvantages. It is more fragile.

Most of the other bulbs use PC materials, and their light transmission rate is weaker. In addition, poor quality PC covers are easy to aging and yellowing when used for a long time.

led lightLed lighting has not only limited to lighting, it also has a decorative effect.  So the choice of led lighting is important.

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